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PROOF PAGE 5/4/2012

BKB Leather has been serving the Eastern Kansas area since 1987. We are a full service repair shop. We do all aspects of boot and shoe repair in the "Traditional" American crafted fashion. Anything from heel caps, heel replacement, half soling and full sole and heel replacements. We do custom orthopedic repairs. BKB also does complete re-dying and color changes of both leather and dyeable satin shoes.

  • Boots & Shoes -- repair, new soles, re-dying
  • Custom Leatherwork -- clothing, chaps, belts, vest and jackets
    Many times a one-of-a-kind item can't be replaced.
    It is very often possible to have it fabricated new . BKB Leather can custom make or repair many types of products made of Leather (also Vinyl and Canvas).

    Below are some examples of customized items we frequently create or repair:

    Baseball Gloves Belts Chaps Luggage
    Cell Phone Cases Handbags Dog Collars Gloves
    Motorcycle Saddlebags


    Chaps Vests
    Tool Belts Wallets Purses Jackets
    Bracers/Armguards Guitar Straps Holsters Archery Quivers
    Ammo Pouches Ammo Straps Sheaths Scabbard
  • Leather Cases
  • Alterations & Resizing
  • Zipper installation and replacement
  • Upholstery Repairs --- furniture, auto, motorcycles
  • Cleaning
  • Saddlery & Tack -- Regardless of the type, age, or condition of the saddle, BKB Leather can repair and restore it to like new condition. We are experts at replacing or restoring all parts of a saddle: cantles, fenders, flaps, gullets, horns, housings, panels, pommels, rolls, seats, skirts, stirrups, swells, etc.
    • For western saddles we can repair or replace worn and broken riggings, stirrup leathers, saddle strings and wool skirt backings. In some cases we can even repair broken trees. We also clean and oil condition them.
    • English saddles which may need new billets, replaced knee rolls, hand sewing of loose pads and skirts and re-flocking as well as replacement of broken stirrup bars and some broken trees can also be repaired.
    • Repairing or replacing broken strapping on, halters, bridles and reins. We carry a broad selection of hardware for your tack and harness needs as well. We can also help with specialty tack needs by recreating items that you can't find and custom making tack needs in sizes you can't obtain.

  • Orthopedic corrections and orthopedic adjustments

  • Sizing adjustments and stretching.
  • Fabricating new leather goods, made to order







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